About Our Whanau Kitchen

Ours is a family that loves cooking and sharing food. There is also a tradition of writing cook books. This site aim to foster these traditions in a whanau that has spread across the seas.

Other aspirations of Our Whanau Kitchen are:

    1. To share and foster a love and passion for food as an expression of love.
    2. To pass on the lore, recipes and techniques.
    3. To express the purity, freshness, simplicity and ethics we wish to associate to the communities that we live in.
    4. To reflect the changes of the seasons in the meals we make.
    5. To base our cooking on ingredients and produce whose characteristics are particularly in our climates, lanscapes and waters.
    6. To combine the demand for good taste with modern knowledge of health and well-being.
    7. To promote regional products and the variety of regional producers – and to spread the word about their underlying cultures.
    8. To promote animal welfare and a sound production process in our farmland and in the wild.
    9. To play with out food and develop potentially new combinations of technique and regional food products.
    10. To combine the best in New Zealand and Australian cookery and culinary traditions with impulses from abroad.
    11. To combine local self-suffiency with regional sharing of high-quality produce.